Welcome to Ungovernable Community

Welcome to Ungovernable Community

Ungovernable is an uncensored non-political alternative to corporate social media platforms. It is an online sanctuary for like-minded, intelligent, and woke people to gather, discuss, share ideas, and network. In all simplicity, this is the place for us that are free in mind, body and spirit, for us who love working together, solving puzzles, teaching and helping each other towards a better world. This is a home for us who are ‘ungovernable.’

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been around the block a few times, or if you just exited the Matrix and are slowly waking up. It doesn’t matter if you just exited the Matrix and are slowly waking up to reality, the reality that you have been lied to your whole life, that everything you has been taught is wrong – or if you have been around the block a few times dodging bullets of disinformation and propaganda. Everyone is welcome to ask questions, to discuss, to share knowledge, and to learn.

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What is inside? These are some of the most popular topics:

  • Exclusive Articles, Papers, Books and Programs
    Downloadable papers, e-books, guides, resistance training programs, and much more added in intervals.
  • Breaking News Around the World
    What is real, what is not? Psy-ops, false-flags, rituals, analyzes and decodes.
  • Health, Nutrition, and Exercise
    Our species appropriate diet, fasting, fat loss & body transformation, weight training and exercise, and much more.
  • Our Biological Terrain and Understanding Disease
    Disease comes from within and showing itself as symptoms. Explore the terrain and German New Medicine.
  • Natural Law / Common Law
    Learn what your rights really are and how to navigate the false Admiralty Maritime Law.
  • Survival, Living Off-Grid, and Prepping
    Survivalism, building stuff, forming communities and networking.

  • Networking and Helping Out
    Tips about jobs and services, how to make a living, and advertise your own skills.
  • And of course, categories covering world shape theories, simulation theory, secret societies, hidden agendas, controlled opposition and shills, weather control, and much more! And yes, there will be memes, a lot of memes…

If you follow the work of Joachim Bartoll, this community will be the only place to ask him questions or discuss topics on health, nutrition, resistance training, and fasting.

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