About Us

About Us

Ungovernable was started by the free sovereign man known as Joachim Bartoll (“us”, “we”, or “our”) as an alternative to corporate social media and as a sanctuary for like-minded, intelligent, and woke people to gather, discuss, share ideas, and network. In all simplicity, this is the place for us that are free, for us who love working together and helping each other towards a better world, a home for us who are ‘ungovernable.’

The platform operates as a classic “discussion forum.” It is uncensored and has very few rules. As long as you do not personally attack and threaten other members, or you shill for the ruling globalists and continuously share disinformation, you will be good. Anyone actually breaking these simple rules will be contacted and warned before any action is taken.

One of the ideas with this community is that the members decide what categories are of interest, and thus keep the community evolving.
When we launch, we will have about 9 main categories with anywhere from three to six sub-categories that serves as forums for specific topics. This is necessary in order to find what you are interested in and to keep discussions somewhat on topic. With that said, anything you miss and wish to discuss will be added trough a voting system – and if something is not used, it will be archived. Nothing will ever be deleted, unless a member asks for it with valid reasons.

While we wish that the community could be free to join, the very low and shameless cost of a membership serves several purposes.

  • It weeds out the obvious trolls and chills. And even if they join, no harm is done unless they start shit-posting, but then they are banned and their contribution of the member fee will only improve our platform.
  • It pays for yearly fees such as server hosting, https-certificates, security software, domain names, and platform specific software such as themes, plugins and membership programs.
  • It may actually pay a buck for all the thousands of hours spent on research, field studies, literature, writing free articles, and the thousands of hours that will be spent writing, entertaining and educating anyone who want to be a part of this community. And please note, all articles and future articles on my personal website ‘bartoll.se’ will always be free.

Joachim was born on April 7, 1974. He is the Founder of the first Health & Fitness internet community Ironmag in 1996, former Editor-in-Chief for two magazines within the health and extreme sports industry, founder of Sweden’s largest discussion board Kolozzeum, writer and author for over 27 years with more than 600 published articles and 8 books – with 1000 more publications if you count his own-published work. He is also an elite-level trainer and coach, nutritionist and body transformation specialist with over 30 years of experience with more than 1000 clients.

Joachim wasted 17 years of studies in Western ‘Modern’ Medicine and Pharmacology, as he discovered the Terrain Theory and German New medicine in 2018 that totally debunked the faulty germ theory and virology.
He is also an animal-based nutritionist (carnivore) since 2018. Since this switch, he now has almost 4 years of study of Biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, The Terrain Theory, and 2 years of studying German New Medicine – which all helped him heal his cancer and failing organs in 2018. He also healed his life-long asthma, allergies, and has not been sick one single day since.

Joachim is a truth-seeker at heart, an observer of the occult, a student of numerology and gematria, and with a contact network covering most of our world.